Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I'd Tell You

If you came over today, I'd tell you that I've officially started using cloth diapers yesterday. The entire 5 that I own. Which doesn't last the entire day. But I've got more on the way. So, soon.

I would tell you, I'm feeling fairly good about the whole thing but that I probably did 20 hours of research before I got started. And I really wish that I knew someone who was using the pocket diapers like mine to shop me step-by-step their own process. The whole yucky-messy thing.

If you were here, I wouldn't have to tell you that the house is a mess. It's not as horrible as it has been in the past month. But it's not great, and I really need to get it back under control before it becomes a uncontrollable monster again. But! The Christmas decorations are put away... always good!

I'd tell you that Cruz is walking now. And climbing everything. Making little step-stools out of anything he can. And he gets really mad about not being allowed to get and touch and climb whatever he so desires.

My big kids, I'd tell you, are learning the books of the Bible, and read the story of the Tower of Babel today. And then built a tower. The directions said to use little balls of clay and toothpicks. But we used toothpicks and mini-marshmallows. Because it sounded yummier. And they liked it more. And now (at 6:05) their disassembling it and eating the marshmallows as a pre-dinner treat. Because that's how we're rolling today.

What would you tell me?


Elisabeth said...

Because that's how we're rolling today. Hahaha

Michelle said...

Bethany - do you know Kyle Parish? or Kalinda Joseph? They are both avid cloth diapering moms who would be happy to share their knowledge and answer questions.

Here's Kalinda's blog and if you do a search by "diaper" you'll find a number of post she has done:

Here's Kyle's blog post about cloth diapers: