Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And So It Begins

For over a year now, I've been waiting to see my *ahem* relative try her cloth diapers to decide whether or not I should give it a go. I'm still waiting. So, then my relative-in-law (ya'll know who you are!) bought some. I think she used 'em a bit with her older one but still hasn't tried them with little one who is now almost two months old and although I've asked for a review of how she likes them... I'm still waiting. *sigh* I'm sure she's doing nothing else but sitting around eating bon-bons all day.

And then my little man started breaking out while using one of the two major brands that I've always trusted. So, I switched him back to the other brand (even though I've noticed they've recently raised their prices, again)... and still the break-outs now and then. Something must be done. If not for the rashes for the sheer cost of it all. I seriously calculated that we spend somewhere between 40 and 60 bucks on diapers and wipes a month. Yikes!

So, I've bought 5... yes, I know that's not enough... bumGenius. 4 of the 4.0 and 1 of the all-in-one organic. And now? I'm trying to figure out what to wash them with... I think I've decided on Charlie's Soap. I honestly am excited and terrified at the same time. I'm hoping that it goes well, they don't leak, and that I'm consistent enough to keep it up. I think that if it does, and if they don't, and if I am then I could be a super money saving hero! And that (here's another hope), it might help someone else wake up at night while wearing 'em and not still be wet at night. We shall see.

I plan on starting at nights and then if they hold up well, I'll buy more of the same type... and if not I may peruse other brands.

SO, here's to my start of a journey. Any suggestions on the subject are, of course, welcome!


Cruz Family said...

Ok, i don't know you.. but i just have to say that diapers are AMAZING. They are a hybrid, so they are a shell that you can reuse as long as it doesn't get dirty with a snap in liner. The liners are really long and fold up. The covers are adjustable by an inner elastic toggle that make for the absolute perfect fit every time. Amazing! Kinda pricey, but worth it! I love the organic inserts. They are super absorbant and do not hold smell, which tends to happen with microfiber. I can help with any questions, just email me. I cloth diapered our twins.. and loved it.

Cruz Family said...

Oh, and Rockin Green detergent is amazing too. Also, California Baby diaper area wash makes a great solution for cloth wipes too. Just a little bit mixed with water. I always used the peri bottle you get from the hospital for the solution. And the cheap Circo washcloths for wipes. I would even fold them so they would pop out of a plastic wipe box. Genius. Oh and the Super Softbums insert is great for the heavy wetter at night. We NEVER had a leak with these diapers. Never. with twins. ever.

Cruz Family said...

Oh, and ONE more thing. ha. The reason we originally went to cloth was my daughter was getting TERRIBLE rashes. She had none with softbums. amazing. But, we also realized she couldn't drink cows milk and switched to coconut milk. :)

Kyle said...

we use fuzzibunz OS pocket diapers with a few bum genius OS 3.0's .... the 3.0's have been my least favorite diaper so far. they don't leak and they're not difficult, but they don't hold together very well and after 1 kid they need to be replaced. i'm not sure about the 4.0's or the snap kind, but i'm not a huge fan.

i love my fuzzibunz! the liners are much thicker than bum genius' and i've never had any trouble with them leaking.

ohkaty OS pockets are great too. my SIL uses them and she prefers them over fuzzibunz. every couple of months they have a buy 5 get 1 free sale and they're sold at sweet cheeks.

there's a diaper swap once a month at sweet cheeks on sunday afternoon that you should check out. lots of trading and selling and buying of all kinds of diapers...i've gotten a few this way and it's so much cheaper.

i can share my "system" with you too if you're interested! :)