Friday, November 23, 2012


This Thanksgiving weekend, I'm thankful for the ability and resources to bake 6 pies in one morning. Thankful for a momma who taught me how to make a great pie... and thankful for the one that was a flop. (Really, truly a humble pie... never again will I veer from my regular cherry pie recipe.) I'm thankful for a family large enough to devour 6 pies in a couple of days. I'm thankful for real whipped cream. Can I get an Amen? But back to my momma... she taught me how to flute pies... as my sweet friend Ginny recently said about her momma. (Our mommas are both awesome and great friends.) But I was thinking how, just the practice of making pies has been handed down from one generation to another.

It's something I intend to teach my kids. It's something we can share and a great way to get into conversation with your kids.

But perhaps you don't know how to make pies... that's okay! Teach them what you know... or learn something new together! Enjoy life with your kids! This week! Today! Go and plan something now!

But perhaps you don't have kids... or they are grown and gone... that's okay! Teach something to a friend. (I'm learning to make tamales with my friends tomorrow... they are gracious enough to keep on helping me to learn-- it takes more than once to get it down right-- it'll make my marriage better when I know how to do it right.) So go make something with someone!

And while you're doing it: Converse. Talk about life. Talk about the Gospel. Talk about God's grace... and have fun doing life together!


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Sarah said...

Love this idea! I have been thinking about starting a pumpkin pie making tradition with my family :)