Monday, November 5, 2012

My Littlest Boy

turned two yesterday. Two? I can't believe it but then, I can. In some ways, it seems impossible that he's two... how did he get so big so fast, but then I've got a little one behind him and so sometimes I question how he could not yet be two. Oh, the quandaries of having babies so close together. I realized yesterday, that I'd stopped nursing him a year ago, got pregnant, had a baby and am now nursing another one. (No wonder I feel crazy-hormonal all the stinking time.)


And poor little guy! He was practically pushed from the nest... some times he makes it clear that he'd like back in. He cries Rio's name and then tries to push her from my lap. But then again, when I have a free lap he's usually not in the mood for sitting still and snuggling! Oh, the struggle of being two, not quite a big guy but not a baby either.

He loves to climb and get into things way up high. And wants to do what his older brother and sister are doing. But he also wants to be into his baby sisters things... I often find him on her playmat or in her car seat hanging out.

But big brother and sister are such a help with him that he gets really mad. If I ask him to do something and Diego and Eliana look like they're going to help enforce the law, then he runs and is out of there like no ones business. But if I hold the two of them back, he will usually choose to come and do what I'm asking him to do! He wants to be obey, but is so fiercely independent he'll choose to disobey rather than have big brother and sister help him!

He has the sweetest little sing-song voice one moment and then the next is growling and grunting. His words are few... much like his Papi, but wants so desperately to be understood. And his temper often gets the best of him when he isn't. Yet, so often he is quick to ask forgiveness with a big sloppy kiss.


Cruz, we love you so greatly! You are a big challenge to us, but God is using you to stretch us and form us into people who are more like Him. Thank you for your love and fullness of life! Thank you for keeping us on our toes. Thank you for your laughter and your sweetness! And yes, thank you for your wet kisses! May your third year be full of joy, love and lots of fun firsts!

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mpoffman said...

He warms my heart, sweet Cruzito!