Sunday, November 25, 2012

Doing Life Together

Today, or I guess it was yesterday I did life together with some wonderful women! It blessed my heart to hear their stories, learn their pain, cheer with their joys, and speak the Gospel to one another as we made tamales.

Honestly, it's easy for me to get centered in on my little family and not leave room for anyone else. But that's not what Christ calls us to. He calls us to live together as one body... and that's messy. As messy as making tamales. (Yes, my dishwasher is still running and there's another load behind it to be done but I'm out of detergent.) It's messy, but it's through the mess that Christ is able to do His healing work. And the wonderful thing about it is: He uses each of the members of the body to do His healing work. And that's beautiful, humbling.

And a bit daunting... but just for a moment before you're reminded that you're just a tool for His work and nothing is too difficult for Him to do. Then you just learn to lean on Him and His understanding... you trust His ways and you ask Him to help you minister to one another. Ah... it's good!

How was your Saturday? Have you planned how you'll do life together with someone else this week? Get to work!

(Um, yeah, this picture really has nothing to do with this post but I ran across it and thought I'd share. This is Cruz at Xochimilco with a marachi band singer who was also named Cruz. The end.)

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Emily B. said...

Beautiful reminder!