Thursday, August 30, 2012


I adore this picture of Rio that Eliana drew after visiting her in the hospital. One of the first things she wanted to do was unwrap her and inspect her tiny little toes. I love the toes she drew... I don't think she's ever included toes in a portrait before, but Rio's must have stuck with her. I love how she chose to give her purple eyes. (Eliana's favorite color.) Since this baby had not really given her a good chance to check those out. But one of the things that most struck me about this portrait is that Baby Rio looks a little like a Baby Zombie.

Now, I know you haven't seen many pictures of Rio yet, so let me just show you: Baby Rio is anything but a zombie. She's very much alive and has lots of natural pink in those lips.

So, my only conclusion is that Eliana must have somehow been struck with the look of Zombie from someone else and transferred it onto poor little Rio. Now, who would have given Eliana the impression of a Zombie during that first day of seeing her? Flipping through photos looking for warmed over death... Oops! I guess it was me... I am looking a little washed out apparently.

If I wasn't sure yet who it was, as soon as Rio's pediatrician saw me today, she started asking me if I was light-headed or anemic. And please, sit down so you don't pass out right here during Rio's check-up! Good-grief, I guess I need to slap on some lipstick or something next time I am leaving the house...or hanging out with Eliana, for that matter. 

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