Friday, August 31, 2012

One Week

You're a week old today, Rio! 
(Which means today is your due date.)

 You are a world of wonderful baby smells and tiny, little mousy squeaks.

Last night, you finally decided you could sleep in your crib and didn't need arms to hold you all night long. 
(Thank you!)

I love you in this little outfit. (Your Yaya recognized this one as mine as soon as she saw you in it today.)

Your little face is completely mesmerizing.

It's been a wonderful week... looking forward to this next one with you!


Sarah said...

Congratulations Bethany! She is sooo beautiful, just like her Mama :) What a blessing!

Yoly said...

Bethany....she is perfection!!! Welcome to this wonderful world, Baby Rio!!! Congratulations Bethany and Family :)