Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Was Going to

make Bierocks today, but it didn't get done. By the time I was ready to start I realized I wouldn't have enough time before I needed to leave the house.

But I do have bread going in the oven. I imagine we'll eat a loaf tomorrow and I'll freeze the other for when we return from the hospital.

The clothes are almost all washed. I still want to wash the big kids car seats but that'll have to wait for tonight.

So beyond, that I need to start packing. The big kids are staying at 3 different places over a span of 5 nights. (My dad is planning on letting them camp in the back yard one of those nights... they are thrilled! We've been waiting most of the summer for the temps to cool down enough that it might be possible.) Trying to figure out what and how to pack for those times is a bit jumbled in my head, but I think I've come up with a game plan finally.

Then there's: what to pack for the baby? I always pack way too much and then end up with even more sweet little things by the time we've left the hospital. But I think some of these little dresses will be making it into the bag this time.

I haven't posted any belly shots... mainly because I'm self-conscious about my body. I'm don't have a cute basketball belly and a slender rest of my body and most often I feel swollen, and a bit like a lumbering mama bear who's too wide to sneak by quietly. But for posterity's sake (after all, this is my last pregnancy), here's my belly.

Two days left until our littlest girl joins us! My biggest girl (who at first was disappointed that we were having a girl and that she'd eventually have to share her bedroom) has come around and I think is the most excited. She talks about buying little dress-up clothes for her and sharing her bed (once she's old enough)!


Debby said...

Have a sweet new baby.....hope it goes well.

Emily B. said...

I love the belly shot, you are beautiful. And... is that your new bedroom in the background?! It looks good too!

Trish said...

yay for almost being done! i have 12 more days... so ready to be done and meet my little girl too :)

mpoffman said...

What a beautiful picture of you and sweet Rio! So glad you posted it, lovely Momma. : )

Anna said...

There is nothing but beauty in that belly shot.