Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We've got the sickness already.

A little known fact around our house, is that "Fiddler on the Roof" has a quote for everything.  Jesse and I find ourselves quoting lines from it quite often.  Probably because we watch it more than anyother movie we own.  (It's really the only musical I've been able to get Jesse to watch with any consistency and to be honest, it's the only musical my dad has ever loved, too.  So there must just be something there that guys in general can connect to.)

Anyway, to the point. Since, I last wrote about illness visiting our house, I thought we were better... no symptoms from anyone in over 48 hours.  We all went to church together on Sunday like a normal family and then, of course, that night, I come home and get sick. Just Sunday night... yesterday, but I was able to keep things down.  Then of course, about 11 last night, I hear Eliana crying (and this child never wakes up in the middle of the night).  So, I run upstairs and she's revisiting everything she had to eat that day. Just now, in the middle of posting this, I had to stop writing, give Eliana a bath and clean up the pools of brown liquid that collected in her high chair and on the floor below.

So, I don't know anymore.  I feel like I'm being on the cautious side of things and trying to wait 48 instead of the normal 24 hours recommended before bringing my family back out into the world and still, we end up getting sick again as soon as we've seen other people.  Maybe the solution is to never go out in public ever again- to hole up in our little home for the rest of our lives and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist.  If only Diego and I could live like this.  But we can't.  We need people.  We need to leave the house on occasion. So, I'm stuck on what to do except to pray like Tevye: "'Heal us, oh Lord, and we shall be healed.' In other words, send us the cure.  We've got the sickness already."

In the meantime, enjoy this short clip from "If  I were a Rich Man." Take special note at what happens end of the clip.  I did that today, too. (Except, I wasn't wearing shoes.)


mpoffman said...

Eeeeeeeeeewwwww! Yuck!

Emily said...

Not good. Very bad.

I had forgotten how much I loved Tevye's dancing!

Elisabeth Owens said...

Yep, just stay at home for the rest of your lives. That's the answer, have fun!