Monday, March 29, 2010

Confessions from the Third Time Around

Today, I was craving this:

Turkey Tom

Well, actually I craved it through my other two pregnancies, but today was different because without hesitation I drove directly to Jimmy John's and ordered it.  (Along with a Slim 1 and a Chocolate Chunk Cookie for the kids to split.)  As we were pulling into the drive-thru, Diego immediately noticed the car in front of us (a dark blue Santa Fe) and asked if it was my sister.  "Nope, Diego, that's not her..." The sentence ended there, but continued in my head: "She's pregnant with her first and can't eat here."

So, here's the deal.  Every time I'm pregnant, my mom eventually will ask: "Now, why can't you eat lunch meat?" And I will explain... not very well, why I can't.  But this time around, I've just had a hard time following the rules.  (I'm writing this shortly after making a batch of cookie bars and helping myself to a bite of the dough.) I was strict about following everything I read when I was pregnant with Diego.  Then, with Eliana, I kept on getting migraines and finally my doctor told me, "When you see yourself headed that direction, go get a coffee. It's really not as big of a deal as pregnancy books make it out to be."

This time, I'm at the point where I'm asking myself things like: If my mom was able to eat lunch meat and we all turned out (relatively) normal, is it really as bad as the self-proclaimed experts make it out to be? (That's right, Heidi Murkoff, I'm talking about you.  You've made a killing off all the fears of millions of first time moms-to-be, and you're not even a doctor. And you only have two kids... so, maybe I'm on my way to becoming even more of an expert than you!) And are you really going to tell me that somehow this other fast food option is healthier for me and my baby?.

So, while I don't plan on picking up such nasty habits as smoking (which my grandmother did through all 5 of her pregnancies...) or drinking, I'm much less of a naysayer and worrier this time around.  And although, all of you first or second time moms are welcome to nay-say as much as you want for yourselves, please don't try to get after me.  I've been there and done what you've done and I understand your feelings well already.  If you've had your third, fourth, or more and you want get after me... I suppose I might be more inclined to listen to your experienced wisdom.  Or you all could just share your own confessions with me... that might be more fun.

As for you, Jimmy, I'll see you around soon.

 P.S.- I love you!


mommyjoymarie said...

Congratulations, by the way!! How exciting! And, I 100%, wholeheartedly agree with this post. :)

chrisandginny said...

I totally agree too, and I haven't even met my little bean yet :) I say the exact same thing: "when my mom was having babies there weren't all these ridiculous studies"... :) Hope you enjoyed that sandwich whole-heartedly!! :)

Elisabeth Owens said...

I hate you! ;) I've been craving their italian sub and have been avoiding that place like the plague. Did you know they don't serve any warm sandwiches? ANY!

Jimmy John's said...
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mpoffman said...

Now, why is it you can't eat lunch meat?