Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet Two

I can't believe it because it has blown by so fast but Eliana is two today.  She was our surprise baby.  (I found out I was expecting her a week before Diego turned 1.) I cried for months... literally.  I wasn't ready for another baby, I wanted my body to be mine again, Diego would be scarred for life having to adjust to sharing his mama at such a young age, and I was tired.  My list of frustrations went on and on.

And then at about 22 weeks along.  We got some scary news. Apparently, through some bad filing procedures, my doctor hadn't received the notice that there was something wrong with the 18 week sono we had done.  So, four weeks later we were being told that the left ventricle of Eliana's heart seemed underdeveloped. We were scheduled for another sono a few days later.  During that time, we prayed hard for our little girl.  And my attitude did a 180. No longer was I complaining about having a baby when I hadn't planned for one, but instead I was praying for her heart to be healed. Longing for time to play with and love on my baby girl.  The second sono went well and we were told that the heart looked completely healthy.  I firmly believe that God healed her and that He also gave me that experience to change my heart, too.

She was such a sweet little thing.  My sister-in-law, Jessica, took this one of her when she was ten days old. (Looking at this makes me want to have another one. I may have to be satisfied with Elisabeth's Little One on the way, though.)

Now as I look into her big brown eyes, I wonder how it has been that two years have already passed.  I wonder if the next 10 will pass just as quickly and before I know it I will have to teach her how to put mascara on those gorgeous lashes (as if she'll need it).

I watch her discover and hope that as I parent I won't squelch her curiosity so that in 50 years she'll still have a sense of wonder at the incredible things God has made.

I look in her face of trust and pray that God will give me the wisdom and ability to guide her- so that in 5 years she will know who made her and put her faith in the One loves her more even more than I do.

I watch her play and hope in 30 years she'll be just as active.

I watch her develop friendships and hope in 20 years she'll still have time to be my friend.

I love you, Eliana, and hope you have a wonderful birthday (and many, many more)!

(A Disclaimer and Big Thank You: Before any of you start trying to contact me to see if I'd be willing to take your kids' photos. I didn't take these ones above.  I've got a very slow point and shoot and I feel lucky if I can keep my kids in the frame long enough for my flash to go off. My wonderful and very talented cousin, Emily Bergquist, took all of Eliana's birthday pictures.  That's her little cutie with Eliana in the last photo. Anyway, Emily is a professional photographer who mainly stays at home with her little one, but can still be coaxed into shooting with very little coercion.  If anyone is interested in learning more about her photography or just wants to tell her she needs to start her own website so you can see more of her beautiful work, feel free to send her an e-mail. Thank you, Emily, for the gorgeous pictures!)


mpoffman said...

She's such a wonderful little girl. I'm so glad we have her!

Emily did a great job with the pics, as usual!

Jessica said...

Super cute & sweet!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Mindy M. Harris said...

those pics are so precious.