Monday, December 17, 2012


I've been watching the kids sleep a lot this weekend. The flu bug hit our house (so much for vaccinations)... they've been camping out on the living room floor. It's easier than me trying to run back and forth between bedrooms and hardwood floors are ever-so-much easier to clean.

(My one healthy one-- who has been a tremendous help this weekend!)

But I'm thankful. Thankful I've been blessed to be able to home school and can be with them on a regular basis. Thankful for friends, family, and a church who reminds me to preach the gospel to my little ones. Who remind me of the blessing my kids are--even on hard days.

The events of Friday help me to be thankful that my kids are sleeping on the floor in piles of blankets. Thankful for the messes. Thankful for the crazy-huge amount of laundry these little ones create. Thankful that they are safe today. In our home. Sleeping away. And that I can hold them.

Praying for those who can't hold their little ones any longer. And hoping they'll be reminded that they have a Savior who will hold them!

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