Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats totally wrote that book from a man's perspective. It doesn't show the mother spending an hour before searching for mittens that hadn't been seen since the previous year, the melt down that Peter's little brother had while waiting for said mittens to be found, or the fact that If you give a Mouse a Cookie makes an appearance in the middle of just prepping to go outside because said mittens are behind the dryer and if you're going to move the dryer then you are most definitely going to pull out the vacuum cleaner and spend half an hour putting all the things that have gone missing behind the dryer away.

Oh yeah, and if you're going to vacuum behind the dryer then you might as well move the washing machine and vacuum behind it as well! Phew!

Two hours later, we're finally ready to go outside... perhaps most of the snow was melted by this point. I went out for a short period because, if you're going to clean the house for an hour and a half and put on all those clothes on three bodies for the next half hour then you're most-definitely taking pictures to commemorate the day.

Then, back inside to warm up soup, hot cocoa, and grill cheese sandwiches while they play for a short while... and hold the crying, neglected baby. With a strict warning to not play in the playhouse and tramp through the muddy spots.

Twenty minutes later, pounding on the back door. Cruz has fallen trying to get up the stairs to the playhouse. (He's okay... apparently you don't get hurt when you're that padded.) And Eliana is covered in mud. Hooray! More cleaning to do.

But for now, hot chocolate, soup, and sandwiches. That is our grace for the day. A time to refresh. Get a clear head and remember just how much God has blessed us. Blessed us with 3 big kids that make messes. Blessed that we have mittens that are hidden behind our blessing of a dryer. Blessed that there's snow. Blessed that we have coats that need washing. Blessed that we have warm food and happy hearts as we get ready for nap/rest time.


Debby said...

and all for about 15 minutes of play. Oh I remember when mine were little. I also remember that mandatory outdoor playtime for day cares. You had to bundle them up so much that they couldn't bend. Then you have the parents that say, "My child can't go out today because he has a cold or runny nose." And you have to tell them that they have to go out anyway. One reason I quit working at a day care. Happy Holidays.

Emily B. said...

Oh my! It all comes down to perspective doesn't it!?