Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well, Shoot!

Right now, I'm snacking on frozen grapes. My new go-to snack now that I'm not allowed to have sugar. (Goodbye, baking and baked good... my family and I will miss you!) I've been saving my pint containers to freeze them in-- which also serves as a measuring tool.

Since I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (almost) two weeks ago, I've lost over 2 pounds. I'm not exactly sure if that's what the doctors are going for, but it's an end result anyway. I've been really good, calculating every little food item as I go along. All to no avail! My numbers continued to be a bit higher than what they've wanted.

So yesterday morning I called the diabetes center and shared my info with them --like I'd been told to do if I had three days in a row where my numbers were above my goals. Guess what I get to do? That's right, insulin shots!

There are many things in life I feel like I can handle well, but needles have never been one of them. I always look away when I have blood drawn. And this about puts me over the top. Still I'm trying to have a good attitude about this. I do realize it's just for another 8 weeks; that it's not a lifelong sentence. But I'm also well aware that it could become a lifelong sentence if I don't start eating healthy (on a permanent basis). For that, I'm thankful!


Michelle said...

You poor thing! Pregnancy is hard enough without having to deal with gestational diabetes. I, too, hate needles and always look away. I'm afraid I would have to have Dave give me the shots if I were in your situation! Hang in there!

Emily B. said...

I'm sorry Bethany! I wish it weren't so, but am glad that you are getting the care you and baby need. I'm so proud of you getting it all figured out what is best for you and she. On the bright side, maybe the changes will help you get a jump start on the pre-wedding goal!

Joyeful said...

Oh goodness, that's tough sweetie! Praying those numbers come down! (btw those frozen grapes look yummy)