Friday, June 29, 2012

A Call Back to Blog World

Hello! I know I've been gone for much longer than I anticipated, I said I'd be back after my trip to Colorado. But sometimes life just happens. (Okay, naps happen too.) Here's a picture of Green Mountain Falls pre-fire. Who knows what it looks like now.

Then, there's the dread of returning. What do I blog about since I've been gone so long? What do I have to show for myself? Doctor appointments? Bruises from blood-draws? A growing belly? A sink full of dishes? A browned baby who doesn't get sun-screen often enough? Swimming lesson photos? Whoops! forgot to take one single photo. Ridiculous! Ooh! How about a picture of Eliana and I? She surprised me with this last night!

So obviously, I've been dragging my feet. Until dear Yoly from Made for Lilybelle called me back to blog world again with her invitation to answer these questions. Thank you, Yoly! It's good to have a starting point!

1. What is your first thought every morning? And the last?
My first thought is... man, I'm starving again!
Last, is usually something like... I need to take tums.
(What can I say? I'm pregnant.)

2Something that your followers do not know about you?
 Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. :) As much as I am not happy about it, honestly, I'm a little surprised I haven't had it with any other of the pregnancies. Diabetes is rampant down both sides of my family and I'm not in great health. To top it off, I love to bake sweets and rarely say no to said treats. So, the past week, I've been spending a great deal of my time trying to figure out how to live with and be healthy through the rest of this period of time. Thankfully, it has been the kick in the rear I needed to take control of my eating habits. Yesterday, I spent 5 hours at a diabetes association learning all sorts of "fun" stuff like: how to take my sugar levels, eat correctly, and stick myself in the leg... just in case I need to be put on insulin while I'm in Mexico. And then I went home and did more time reading and researching... I've got lots to learn. We'll see how the next few months play out.

3Something you always have in your bag?
Diapers and wipes. For the past 6 years. I think I've got about 2 more years in me and then (hopefully) I'm done with that portion of my life... the diaper part. Wipes are just too convenient... I think they may always be a part of my life now.

4. Three things you can't live without?
Jesus, my family, and coffee.

 When you're nervous, what do you do? 

Turn beet red. Look away. And perhaps imitate Mary Katherine Gallagher.

6Anything you want to do and have not done so far?
Return to my pre-wedding weight. (It's my post-last baby goal.)

7Five things to do before dying?
1. Take my family to Thailand
2. Live overseas.
3. Get my house completely cleaned and organized. (A girl can dream, right?)
4. Open a vintage store.
5. Get a DSLR camera and learn to use it.

8. What do you usually read? What do you usually listen to? TV or Movie?
Children's books... I like adult books too, of course (Austen, anyone?) but honestly, I get nothing accomplished when I read something that long for several days. Listen: Pandora... I haven't bought music in years. TV, rarely happens when the kids are awake. Sometimes I watch Jimmy Fallon if I'm awake late enough. I love to watch episodes of "Who do you think you are?" when I can get 'em in and I did like ABC's "Once Upon a Time" this past year... don't judge. Movies are like tv-- they don't happen with kids very often.

9. Secrets of your room?
It's a big mess. I try to keep the kids' rooms pretty clean, but things that don't have an assigned location often get dumped in my room. It needs a huge overhaul!

10Man of your dreams. City of your dreams. House of your dreams.
Man of my dreams-- I'm married to him! He's a pretty great guy... we'll soon be celebrating our 9th anniversary!
City of my dreams-- hmmm, perhaps San Miguel de Allende or Merida, Mexico.
House of my dreams-- a historic home in one of those cities in need of restoration.
Something I could eventually make look like this.

11What super power would you have?
Mary Poppins' super power to clean!-- snap and toys jump to their place... I'm hoping it works on dirty dishes too! Ha!

12What WOULD you set out for the next five years?Go on a genealogy trip research trip with my momma once or twice.

13. What makes you happy?
Snuggling with my babies... the little ones and the big one, too!

14. Always wearing ... 
My wedding ring :)

15. What character do you admire?
 Bishop Myriel in Les Misérables. His short appearance in Jean Valjean's life makes a marked difference in how he will live. Myriel was able to be Christ to Valjean in a real way... buying his freedom with candlesticks and shaping his life for the better. I want to be full of the same grace that Christ offered me like Myriel was!

So there you have it! Have a great weekend everyone, and maybe I'll be a bit more present in July. You never know!

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