Friday, February 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

Minus one (because I'm click-happy pregnancy-brained tonight and erased my handsome chauffer of a husband's picture before I got it downloaded). Boo.

Enjoying looking through yesterday's sono pics... today I'm exactly 11 weeks along!

Candy shopping for birthday and valentine parties. 

Hobby Lobby Yarn... so many beautiful colors. 


The cyclamen my momma bought for Eliana and me. I'm afraid I'm killing it- leaves keep turning yellow.  Am I watering too much or too little? Help!

About the only way I can get this girl to nap is to lay down with her... it's a sacrifice I'm glad to make. 

 Paperwhites, I get... I drown 'em and they do wonderfully. I always love watching them grow so super fast.

More Valentine's Day prep! 

An etsy package full of fabric. :) I'm going to try to sew again sometime soon!

Hope your days been lovely!

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Blissful Blooms said...

Congratulations on your lil peanut! What a sweet day!

AP Mommy said...

Sweet picture of your peanut - and a beautiful shot of your daughter sleeping. :) Enjoy those naps together while you can.

Trish said...

i didn't know you were preggo too! congrats! yay for babies!!!