Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Memories

My momma and daddy returned from a week away late Friday night... because we missed them so, we decided to spend a good portion of the day with them on Saturday.

Momma and I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen. Making an old recipe (one that's been in the family for generations) and a new recipe (that's to be a new family favorite). We talked and laughed and shared our hearts.

 (The Old- Cheddar Applebutter Cookies)

I loved that time. It brought back little memories of when my mom and I would work in the kitchen when I was a child.

My kids wandered in and out "helping" here and there... making messes. Making more work. But making little memories of their own.

(The New- Almond-Raspberry Shortbread Thumbprints)

All too soon, they will be grown and will really help in the kitchen. And we will make our new recipe (that will then be old) and discover new recipes to add to our repertoire. And will talk and laugh and share our hearts... and remember little memories shared in the kitchen years before.


mpoffman said...

And I don't care how many calories are in that new cookie - they are worth every one! I had fun too, thanks for spending the day with me.

Yoly said...

Hi Bethany! I've awarded you the Sunshine Award. Thank you for making my days brighter and happier when I read your blog :)

Amy said...

Love sweet little memories like that!!