Tuesday, February 7, 2012

16 days

It's been sixteen days since my last confession er, um blog post. So, to give you a taste of life around here:

We now have a horse trailer. No we don't own horses and yes, we do live in the city. Don't ask.

This poor little guy has been to the doctor for sinus infection finished the meds for that and now has a cold.

I've been tired; still can't sleep. Usually wake inbetween 2 and 4 and am awake for hours. So, the house is lacking the attention it desperately needs. I was going to take a picture to show you just how bad the house is, but apparently, I'm going to show you how low my energy level is instead. I just realized I forgot to take the picture and I'm too tired to do it now. :P

Watched this episode of Jamie Oliver's a few days ago and now I'm contemplating the idea of never eating ground beef again.

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I'm so making these for Valentine's Day breakfast this year... because they're going to be super easy with the canned refrigerated dough. And this year super easy is what counts!

My husband is busy pulling down the asphalt shingling that has covered our house since the 1930's! And underneath? This beautiful lap-board siding! We're absolutely thrilled with it's condition too... so far!

My parent's gave my kiddos Valentine-making supplies... totally great idea! So, they've been busy creating today.

What have you been up to? 

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Emily B. said...

Haha, a horse trailer! I can come up with all sorts of manly explanations of the uses it can provide sans horse. I am my father's daughter.

And when I stopped by earlier I was excited to see the work permits on your door, but I was imagining the roof, not the siding! How exciting! There is a washtub, with a cake plate and bsf lesson inside on your porch now by the way. :)

That's the cutest pic of Cruz! Poor baby.