Monday, August 30, 2010

Our First Day of School!

Well, it's finally arrived.  I didn't quite feel as prepared as I had hoped, but the closet renovation was more or less done before we started today (Jesse and I did stay up late painting and reorganizing to get that part done).  And the playroom is now a lot closer to looking like a school room instead. 

Like I said, it's not all the way done.  I still have to make curtains for the room.... do you remember this fabric that I mentioned months ago?  Well, it's been sitting around my house waiting for me to get to work for months now.  Then there's the issue of our seating- we have an old church bench that needs to be cut down and some chairs that I've had forever (and when I say forever I mean before Diego and Eliana were around) that need to be refinished and put in there.  And then, while our original plan was for the closet just to have shelves like this.

We've since seen this and think that eventually the doors might be a great addition.  But this is a lot of extra work (and Jesse is in school too). So, I'm not thinking this part will be done anytime too soon. 

Right now, we've taken our coffee table (and the kids chairs that usually sit around it) from the living room and have placed them in there until the table and seating can be done.  When we get a few more things finished, I'll let you see the room.

But for now, here's pictures of the kids for their first day.  I saw a similar photo shoot from Living Creatively and thought this would be a great tradition to document their first day each year.  (Usually, I see photo ideas after the fact and then feel sad that I haven't documented that way from the beginning...ever been there?) But this year, I hope to have started a new tradition from the get-go!

Alrighty, Jesse's going to be home soon so that I can go to the PTR. This was something else I had planned to do before school started so I could be prepared, but a stinkin' water main broke and they decided the best place to store things so they wouldn't get wet was in their childcare area.  Which means they're not taking care of kids on Wednesdays right now.  Boo!  So, it's taken me until now to arrange my own childcare so I could make it down there.  I'll only have about 45 minutes before they close... hope that's enough!  Happy Monday!

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