Friday, August 6, 2010

Cruel Summer Friday Favorites (and a Winner!)

Some of you may remember this song as a Bananarama song. Not me... to me it's an Ace of Base song. Either way, it's seemed appropriate this summer. (Especially the "leaving me here on my own" part.  I think maybe I ought to sing it to my absentee a/c guy.)

We spent a couple of weeks in June waiting for our a/c to be fixed (it needed a new a-coil) and almost two weeks ago, it broke down again (this time it's the compressor- which was fixed last year, too). This is a four year old unit, folks. (At least our a/c guy told us it was brand new when we bought it.) So out of the four years we've owned this unit, we've had serious trouble with it half of the summers we've owned it.

We're praying that it is fixed today. (Well, actually we were praying that it was fixed last week, but that didn't happen.) In the mean time, we've been floating around in record breaking heat temperatures (can we say 108 degrees?) from air conditioned home to air conditioned home of my family. Thank you, thank you! And as a result, my blog has been ignored. I finallly realized what I needed to do to be able to use my lap top at my parents' home today, so I've decided to share my dreams of coolness via my Etsy Treasury of the week.

Have a cool weekend, everyone!  And congrats to Emily @ Cottage Industrious, who won the vintage clothes pin bag!  (I'll get it to you next week when we get together.)

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