Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay, I Haven't Completely Stopped Blogging...

I've just been doing it elsewhere the past couple of weeks.

For the past two years, my church has been involved in Advent Conspiracy.  Both years, we put together a devotional guide to take our congregation through a worshipful Advent season.  This year, I've been posting each day's devotional to a blog.  Some of the devotionals I've written, some of them are by other people in our church and others are quotes out of the Advent Conspiracy book.  All are challenging and encourage you to focus on Jesus during this season that retailers would like to make all about consumerism.  Anyway, if you'd like to follow along over there, that's where most of my time and energy is being spent.  (Well, that and getting ready for Christmas with Jesse's family). But, either way, I hope to see you back here on a more regular basis at the beginning of a New Year!


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